Should I Fire My Hairstylist in 2021? The Experts Opinion.

Jul 29 , 2021

Should I Fire My Hairstylist in 2021? The Experts Opinion.

Over the past few months spending time at home is the been the perfect opportunity to give your hair some TLC. Most of us have had some time to create new haircare routines for healthy hair. 

Now you are wondering whether to keep your stylist or find a new one. 
Here are our top tips help you make the decision :

Be honest with your stylist 

Talk to your stylist about the the following :

1. Your haircare routine during lockdown

Speak to your stylist about how you have been taking care of your hair,  what’s been going well for you and the goals you for your hair. Whether its retaining length, growing your edges back or dealing with heat damage, it’s will be good for the stylist to be aware so that they can take that into account when styling  your hair or installing a protective hairstyle. 

2. Your needs / service you would like 

Tell your stylist the service you require from them, this will help manage expectations. If you are tender headed giving a head ups will make the experience  better for both you and the stylist. 

3. The products and tools you use

Let your stylist know products you prefer to use in advance or bring them to your appointment. If you are all natural and would prefer to the stylist doesn’t use any harm chemicals such as relaxers or texturizers, or any heat.  Be honest, that way you’ll avoid mishaps. Its your hair so you are allowed to be cautious.

Remember you don’t have to be married to your current stylist. If your consultation didn’t go well, don’t feel bad. Find another stylist and see who you work with best and go from there.