Help My Braids Look Tacky!!!

Aug 25 , 2021

Help My Braids Look Tacky!!!

Have you just had your braids done and want to keep them looking good?  Or maybe you have had them in for a while and they are starting to look tacky! Either way, we have some great tips on how to care for your hair when its braided.

1. Avoid styling them tightly

Braids are fun and flexible! That's part of the reason its such a popular and well loved protective hairstyle. BUT over-styling for example trying them tightly for  can really tug on your hair and cause it to break. Over-styling is also another reason for your edges thinning. 

2. Keep Your Scalp Moist

We have all heard that dry hair breaks and that our hair needs moisture but often when its in a protective style we forget to moisturise. Make it part of your routine to moisturise your braids, you can use leave in conditioner, a light oil or natures  best - Water. This will protect your hair and keep it healthy while tucked away.

3. Wrap Your Braids in A Satin / Silk Scarf or Bonnet At Night

Wake up with your braids all over the place? Wearing a lined scarf or bonnet helps keep you braids from becoming messy. Satin and silk don't strip your hair of moisture like cotton and other fabrics that pillowcases are made of. 

4. Gently wash your braids 

It's best to wash your braids once every two weeks (once a week if you work out) to keep them feeling, looking and smelling fresh. Wash them gently, a good clarifying shampoo will remove any build up on your scalp and in your hair.

5. Massage Your Scalp Often

A good scalp massage helps stimulate blood circulation and oxygen to hair follicles. Massages can also help hair growth thicker, try it with your edges moisturise them, seal with an oil and massage gentle for 2 mins everyday. 

6. Don’t Wear Braids For Too Long (6-8 weeks max)

Tempting as it may be you shouldn't have braids for more than 8 weeks. Having braids in for too long can cause you hair to tangle, become brittle and start to break.